Full/Half Irish Dance Dress Bag


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The Full-Half Irish Dance Dress Bag is meant to hold your dress full-length and flat for hanging or storing, but then to be folded in half for easy carrying.

Fantastic full-zipping bag allows you to place your dress smoothly and easily into the garment bag, instead of the stuffing and bending you can go through with other bags, which may damage your costume. Our sturdy zipper zips all the way around the bag, providing maximum easy access to your dress!

600-denier, water-repellent, woven nylon fabric bag has nylon netting at the bottom to help with air circulation. Adjustable strap for carrying. One interior and one exterior pocket for accessories.

Dowel rod in the bag can be used in two ways: encased in its specially-made pocket of webbing, it provides structural support when the bag is folded in half for carrying. Or, take the dowel rod out of its casing, and reinsert it into the special pockets on the outside of the webbing so you can fold your dress directly over the dowel if you like.

Top to bottom 39”. Widest area 41”



For orders of 12 or more, we can do two-toned bags.  (All 12 must be the same; make note of the two colors in the notes box when you order).

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600-Denier Fabric Color

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